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Humania Assurance Inc. was created in a split of LS Mutual Life Insurance Company into Humania Assurance Inc and LS Mutual Management. LS Mutual Life Insurance Company is an adopted name of La Survivance, a company whose roots date back to 1874.

Humania Assurance offers a range of personal insurance products including life, disability, and critical illness insurance.

Life Insurance by Humania - offers a wide range of policies according to your budget and needs. Choose your flexible plan with fixed and guaranteed premiums. You can also convert a term life insurance plan into a permanent policy.

Disability Insurance by Humania - A selection of policies to choose from to help you build your financial security. Plans that provide you with income replacement while you recover. Some policies are available without any medical exams.

Critical Illness Insurance - Coverage options with no medical exams that focus on major illnesses like cancer as well as plans for children that cover 37 critical illnesses and conditions.

Children insurance by Humania - get up to $50 000 coverage, directly paid to the parents to cover any medical expenses. The premiums are fixed and guaranteed.

Accident Insurance by Humania - This accident insurance with no medical exam offers you coverage for natural or accidental death, loss of use of limbs and even fractures. Available until age 70.

We work directly with Humania and are able to provide all their latest life insurance products. To receive a no-obligation quote, please complete a short inquiry form, and we will be happy to assist you.

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