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SSQ, SSQ Life Insurance, SSQ Insurance SSQ Permanent Life Insurance is available as a whole life policy, or as a term 100 policy payable for life.

Unique benefits included in this plan offer you a high degree of living protection and the flexibility to control your insurance payments as you need them, even allowing you to stop payments and retain partial coverage.

SSQ Permanent Life Insurance products features:

  • Available as a Term 100, Whole Life 100, or Whole life payable in 20 years.
  • Guaranteed premiums and coverage mean that you have peace of mind for a lifetime.
  • Cash value is available on this policy in the 10th year.
  • Extreme Disability Benefit can pay out half your coverage should you be seriously disabled. This is included at no cost to you.
  • Options to add additional coverage for children or in case of fracture

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  • Products available for ages 0-85

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