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Comparing Insurance Plans

With such a large market available to suit your needs, discerning the different values of each plan can help you decide what part in your life can benefit from the right life insurance plan. Below you may find the most common plans on the market and how they protect what matters to you.

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Plan Plan Length How To Qualify: Eligible Ages: Best Suited For:
Term Life Insurance In Terms of 10 to 40 years. Fully underwritten with medical exam. Ages 18 to 75 Ideal for covering personal debts, mortgages, and providing an income replacement for a spouse or children.
Term 100 Life For Life, Payable to Age 100 Fully underwritten with medical exam. Ages 18 to 85 For coverage of long-term debt, settling final affairs, and estate management. Lower cost among permanent plans.
Whole Life Insurance For Life, May be Paid up in 10 to 20 years. Fully underwritten with medical exam. Ages 0 to 80 Flexible investment options let you change your cost and coverage month-to-month, ideal for those with needs that change over time.
Universal Life Insurance For Life. Fully underwritten with medical exam. Ages 0 to 80 Ideal with estate and wealth management. Perfect for those who want to invest beyond their retirement, given you know your options.
Simplified Life Insurance Either 10 or 20 years, or for life. No medical exam, just a few health questions. Ages 0 to 80 Ideal for those with health or lifestyle issues. Well suited to cover any manner of long term debts, and is issued quicker than a traditional plan.
Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance For Life No medical exam or health questions. Approval is guaranteed. Ages 40 to 80 Coverage up to $25,000 ideal for final affairs and estate fees. Designed for individuals who cannot get insured by another means.
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